Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So this month has been a bit crazy around here....I got a new job at MVP as a MOD.  We celebrated Gavin's first birthday (pics to come later).  Matt was offered a job up in Ludington, MI.  We are celebrating Addison's third birthday the friday.  Life seems to have sped up by 120% in the last couple of months.
We are still figuring out all the details about the Ludington a place for Matt to stay up there till we can get the house sold.  The house hopefully will be on the market soon (anyone want a realy nice fairly new house in Hamilton?).
So lots of prayers for all the details to be worked out.  We know that God is going to work, we are just waiting to see which way.

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shannon said...

Ludington!!! Yeah for you guys! Boooo for us! We will miss you like crazy! :( I will spread the word about your house...we have lots of young marrieds (to-be marrieds) on Greg's side of the fam that would love a house I'm sure! We'll keep a look-out. In the meantime...what can we do to help?? Come up with a list and bring it to small group! Love ya!