Friday, April 27, 2007

Mary Kay

Addison went to her first Mary Kay meeting last night and had a great time. She got to meet my two favorite directors, my director Windy and her sister director Jen. It was fun to get back to the meetings and see the girls again. Addison just loves all the Mary Kay products and thinks that everyone should have the chance to try them. If you would like to try the products or are just looking for a new look she would love to help her mom give you a complementary Mary Kay make-over. :-) Contact us and we can set up an appointment and even let you know how you can get product for free!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Inner Harbor

Today we went to the Inner Harbor with our friends Mary, Dustan and their daughter Reyce. We had lots of fun taking pictures (they just got an amazing new camara, can't wait to see the pics) and enjoying the great 70 degree weather.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guatemala Get Together

Last night we went to the get together for the team that went to Guatemala. They gave a report of what they did done there. The students did the skits that thye did for the VBS, they were amazing. We also heard some testimonies of what the trip meant to different students. It was great to see everyone, I miss seeing them everyday. They were all excited to see Addi and couldn't wait to hold her. She got lots of love last night from everyone. We will miss our CCA fam when we move!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Still in MI

We are still in MI we will be in the state till the Mon. after Easter. It has been fun, Addison has met all kind of new people. She has been spoiled with two more showers, she is very excited about her new clothes and toys. Her favorite so far as you can see is her pink catepiler, she likes to talk to it and sing along while it plays music.
This is Great Grandma Roosien and Grandma Roosien at one of her parties
Great Grandma Black was very excited to hold her first Great Grandchild.
Uncle Jason was lots of help while we stayed with my parents, he is very excited to teach Addison how to play disc golf.
After all that fun Addison was very tired but was glad to see her daddy when he got back from Guatemala. Matt had a good week and they worked hard as you can see he was prety tired too.