Monday, February 25, 2008

Cupcake Crazy

Happy 1st Birthday Addison (technically not till Wed.)! We had a great party on Sat. night.

My mom made these amazing cupcake cakes. Not only were the pretty but tasted delicious!

Aunt Jessie painted this chair for Addison's Birthday, we are still trying to get her to sit on it and not stand on it.

She loved her first taste of cake, no icing just cool whip though. Everyone was disappointed that she didn't dive right in, but was very lady like with her eating. It was a great party and we just want to thank everyone who helped and came to celebrate with us!


Kris & Leanne said...

It was SOOOOOOOOOOO great to see you!!!
Great Party Jen!
I love you!
- Lea

Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Happy Birthday Addison! Hope your day is as great as your party was. Gracie would love to get together with you and hang out. Miss you guys!

Amy said...

hey strangers!! i can't believe it! she is SOOO cute! those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! keep in touch!

Sam Hayden said...

Addison looks really cute. everyone down here misses you a lot. just checking in to see how you were doing