Thursday, April 05, 2007

Still in MI

We are still in MI we will be in the state till the Mon. after Easter. It has been fun, Addison has met all kind of new people. She has been spoiled with two more showers, she is very excited about her new clothes and toys. Her favorite so far as you can see is her pink catepiler, she likes to talk to it and sing along while it plays music.
This is Great Grandma Roosien and Grandma Roosien at one of her parties
Great Grandma Black was very excited to hold her first Great Grandchild.
Uncle Jason was lots of help while we stayed with my parents, he is very excited to teach Addison how to play disc golf.
After all that fun Addison was very tired but was glad to see her daddy when he got back from Guatemala. Matt had a good week and they worked hard as you can see he was prety tired too.


Denise Holley said...

Precious Pics! Glad you're having fun at "home"! Continuing to pray for your young family and for health for Addison!

Kris & Leanne said...

it was so great to see ya'all while you were back!

by the way... its not a catepillar its a dragon fly - haha


Stacy, Blake and Kaylee said...

What a precious little girl!! I am so glad I got to see you and your new little one! Congrats.. I am soo happy for you! Miss ya stranger :)

Stacy, Blake and Kaylee said...

We have joined the blog world.. :) Keep in touch :)