Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wedding

We went to Megan's (my cousin) wedding a couple of weekends ago and had fun seeing all the fam. The wedding was very beautiful and so was my family. :-)
Who would have thought we all cleaned up so nice. We didn't even mean to coordinate color schemes.
For those of you who don't know the mystery man sitting extreamly close to my cute sister is her boyfriend Billy. We like him especially since he is so willing to take the blame for everything (it is always Billy's fault)
All the cousins, the family is definately growing up.


Dustan, Mary & Reyce said...

What a cute family!!! Jen, your makeup looks so great, you'll have to give me some tips for this weekend.

Jessica said...

We are a pretty good lookin family!!

Kris and Leanne said...

You are beaUtiful my friend! Absoutely beautiful.
And I can't wait until you live close to me!
- Leanne